Saturday, 23 February 2013

February Collage Photo Festival - Day 23

Today's photograph was on the occasion of my birthday, just before I left for Australia.

The lady on the left was my Great Aunt and Godmother Dorothy, who we called Doll and was the youngest sister of my Grandfather and the lady on the right was my Grandmother.

The venue was the hotel The Inn on the  Lake at Godalming.

The consensus was that I should have a party before I headed off to Australia. I was not overly keen. Instead I went for the more select option of those people I wanted to say goodbye to and those people who were the most special to me.

We had a round corner table in the restaurant and being later in the year it was not overly busy. There was a small group of us, comprising of my Mum, Aunt and my Grandmother, my "Aunt and Uncle" neither were of course relatives, by "Aunt" had been my Grandmother's evacuee during the war that friendship continues between our families to this day. There was also two very close friends present. So, a nice group of 8 of us.

In this photo we are from memory looking at the desert menu and Aunt is reading the menu to us, Gran had forgotten her glasses.....again!

It was a lovely menu and evening and in my journal I can see what I had for dinner. I have enclosed a napkin with the printed logo of the hotel and the bill.

Some of the younger family members arranged with me to meet for a quiet drink and instead turned the following evening into a lovely enjoyable and loud send off with a great many more people that 8 in attendance, so I was glad I had opted for the select group.


  1. Sounds like you had a lovely special night with special family Julie, to counter-balance the exuberance of the next night.

  2. How age changes us. You're lucky though--you still have your dark hair. I had flicks of silver through mine by the age of 35, and now my hair is the colour of platinum--not quite silver, but not far off. I didn't know you went to Australia, the land of my birth. I left over 25 years ago. I'd be interested to know why you returned. I guess I'll read that in a future post.


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