Monday, 25 February 2013

Inheritance by Nicholas Shakespeare

Inheritance by Nicholas Shakespeare
The storyline is fairly simple. It is about a man, Andy, who leaves his uninspired job at a self help publishing house  late to attend his late teachers funeral. However, he eventually realises that he is in the wrong chapel, but then does not leave.

Later, he finds out that he is one of the people to inherit Christopher Madigan’s estate, simply because he attended the funeral. That simple act causes him to become a millionaire many times over, a fact that goes to his head, as he enjoys holidays and cars. Andy is though becoming increasingly curious about the man who provided his inheritance.

I did not like the character of Andy although I understand though the point the author is trying to make about how money changes us and perhaps steers us from who we are to who we believe we aspire to be. I felt that Andy was a weak man and for me his character drifted. He became selfish and openly lies to the daughter of Christopher, simply because he liked her.

The story of Christopher was more engaging, but for me this book didn't work and I think it could have been developed more, and there were many storyline opportunities missed.

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