Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Family History Writing Challenge 2013 - Day 5

As I said yesterday I had not done any research on the Jackson line mainly because of the peerage and the details would be freely available. For me, genealogy and family history is not about peerages and famous people, although I do have a few people who were well know in their day. It is all about understanding the wider picture. How did Amelia Waddell, grand daughter of Mary Budd and John King meet Sir Keith Jackson?

I did a little bit of tentative research with Mr Google. That search revealed another Amelia, as if 2 wasn't already enough and I am now having to use a bit of paper to ensure I get the generation and date correct as I am doing the ground work for my research.

This time the Amelia is Amelia Georgina Jackson who was born in 1837 in India the daughter of Amelia Lavy Waddell and Sir Keith Alexander Jackson. Amelia died in 1858 aged 21 years at Lucknow, India when she was killed in the Indian mutiny.

Now, things are getting even more interesting. It seems ironic, that the one daughter of John King and Mary Budd that did not appear to have lots of links to India is in fact the one that does. I also love the fact that the name of Amelia has carried on for 3 generations, even if it is a nightmare to get them in order!

Whereas my initial investigations had revealed that Amelia Waddel and Keith Jackson had only just two children, I then came across Amelia and then another 3 children. Each one with interesting names. Thus, those children are:

Mountstuart Goodrick born 1836
Amelia Georgina born 1837
Anna Madeline Hungerford born 1838
Julia Honoria Catherine born 1839
Keith George born 1842
Monimia Emily born 1844

With names like that researching should be relevantly straight forward, but somehow, I suspect not!

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