Monday, 18 February 2013

February Collage Photo Festival - Day 18

Today's photograph is of my Great Aunt Glad, my Grandfather's sister and sister to Rose who appeared here yesterday and her husband my Uncle Frank.

This photograph was taken around 1960. Aunt was born in 1901 and Frank in 1899. He had been born in Dodford Northamptonshire and some point moved to Surrey/Hampshire.

Uncle was in the Army so I suspect he was either posted to Aldershot which was just over the border into Hampshire from Wanborough or stationed at Guildford when there were army barracks there.

My Cousin has the military papers of his father and shared them with me.

They reveal that Frank enlisted at Maidstone in November 1922 in the Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment. He then served at home within the confines of the UK for 2 years. He then trained into the Military Police and then was posted to Germany between 1924 - 1928. He then returned home, still in the Military Police between 1928 and 1936 and then transferred again to Singapore between 1936 and 1938. He then returned home and remained serving again in the Military Police in Essex until February 1939 when he was discharged. He served just under 17 years.

When Frank enlisted in 1922, he was no stranger to the army, as he had served in the British Army during the First World War, enlisting in 1916 and was discharged in October 1922. He married my Aunt in June 1924 at Guildford, although without the permission of his commanding officer and they had to repeat the ceremony at the registry office. I am guessing that my Aunt went with Frank to Germany, as she certainly went to Singapore with him during the 1930s.

Frank and Gladys raised 3 children. The eldest recalled spending time in Singapore and also spending time with his Grandmother in Surrey, whilst his parents were overseas.

However, his military connection did not end at discharge. During the Second World War he remained living in his military home and worked from what I can establish from the limited knowledge in the military barracks in a defence position.

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  1. An interesting story about your great-aunt and uncle Julie. It seems the army life suited him since he signed up again after WWI. It sounds like there's more to know but as we're aware, the closer in time things are, often times the harder they are to discover, other than through family.


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