Sunday, 24 February 2013

February Collage Photo Festival - Day 24

Today's photograph is one of two baby photos that I have. This is me, taken aged 9 months old. The photograph when Mum and I discussed recently I think gave rise to some memories for her.

Apparently I had been sat initially wearing blue shoes. I was given the ball and was unimpressed. Mum said to me that I displayed that look that I still use now, of when I am less than impressed.

The shoes were taken off and Mum said this look is classic, to her it says " I supposed to be impressed?....."

I sat and obliged and when I had, had enough I cried. The whole event apparently took several hours as I was  not overly helpful.

I have in my study an old suitcase that had been my Grandfathers. Inside in tissue paper is a really soft and smooth wool blanket given to me by my Great Grandmother who appeared on day 6. At the time I was born I was not her only Great Grandchild, and wonder if she purchased a similar blanket for my cousins. I must ask them. I have kept the blanket in the hope that I might one day use it for my own family. This has not been the case and I shall pass this on to my Cousin's daughter who is currently only 11 and that way it will hopefully provide a link between the past and future.


  1. Love the photo Julie, and thank your mother for remembering all the details!

  2. Julie - this is great to know how old you were in this photo. There are so many baby portraits and it is difficult to determine age and therefore the date when the photo was taken. Thanks!

  3. I really love how you are planning on maintaining the links between past and future. We have a photo of our DD1 in her "blue suede shoes". Your "don't mess with me" look reminded me of my granddaughter to whom I've been known to say "seen that look from your mother and aunts, don't bother!" Funny how they are carried forward ;-0


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