Saturday, 9 February 2013

Family History Writing Challenge 2013 - Day 9

The biggest issue for me with the whole King family saga is how we made the journey from rural Surrey to not just India, but the whole peerage issue. There is so much more research that can be done on this family. Every thing discussed so far has been about the marriage of John King and Mary Budd and just one of their offspring. I had already discussed Esther King who went onto to marry George Bridges Bellasis.

A quick recap of the children of the children of John King and Mary Budd, who married in Puttenham in 1767, all the children were born in Puttenham and John joined Mary's parish and lived in Puttenham where he died in 1803 and Mary in 1817.

Mary born 1767 married Thomas Morris
Esther born 1770 married George Bridges Bellasis
Ruth born 1773 married William Trodd
Elizabeth born 1775 married William Kent and George Bridges Bellasis
Jane born 1777 and died in Puttenham 1795
Hannah born 1780 married William Stringer and Robert Gordon
Ann born 1782 married Joseph Dacre Watson
Amelia born 1785 and married George Waddell
John born 1788 and died in the Persian Gulf in 1812
Lucy born 1790 married Captain Robert William Eastwick.

For me it is important to get things into concept. All these children were born before Queen Victoria ascended the throne.  I want to explore what their lives were like, the foods, society in terms of what they did. Did they sing, play games, quilt and sew. Did they read books? What clothes did they wear?

This is Regency England.

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