Monday, 4 February 2013

Family History Writing Challenge 2013 - Day 4

Amelia Waddell and Sir Keith Jackson had two children -

1. Mountstuart Goodricke Jackson (1836 - 1857)
2. Keith George Jackson (1842 - 1916)

Currently I have not investigated further, as this line will probably be well documented because of their peerage. One thing I did establish through the documentation I have read is that Keith George spent considerable time in Argentina, which does sound rather interesting.

Amelia's brother, George followed into his father's footsteps and spent sometime in India. He died in Bombay in 1838.

Amelia and George's father George Waddell was born in 1788 in Glasgow and was a surgeon with the East India Company.

In a very strange way, I feel that I have almost done a full circle. Having taken this branch forward two generations I am now going to head back to Amelia King, who was Esther's sister and the individual that started this whole project off. I also want to research a bit more into the parents of the King sisters.

Amelia and Esther, which were 2 of the 10 children, were born to Mary Budd and John King. Mary Budd was born in 1744 in Puttenham and was the sister of my direct ancestor. She was the daughter of Henry Budd and Martha Ottway who married in 1724. Mary married John King in Puttenham on 4th August 1767 and he died in June 1803 in Puttenham. Apart from that almost nothing is known of him.

However, a search of Family Search and my original notes from the parish records taken quite a few years ago shows a John King born in Farnham in 1744 to John King and Jane Planner. I have a hunch this is the details I have been seeking. Farnham is a market town about 6 miles from Puttenham so it is quite feasible that John and Mary met on market day. How romantic!

Further details show that John King and Jane Planner had a first son James who died as an infant. They then had a daughter Esther born in 1742, followed by two sons another James born 1743 and John in 1744 then another daughter Elizabeth in 1746. A son, William was born in 1748 and then the last two children, Ruth in 1751 and Henry in 1754. I am more convinced that this is the family as John (born 1744) had siblings by the name of Esther and Ruth both were used in his own offspring during his marriage with Mary King.

Of course, that simply gives rise to more questions; one of which is is this continual link to India.


  1. Unlike many genealogists I'm turned off by peerages and royalty. Argentina and India, on the other hand, I find fascinating.

    1. Me to Pauline. I am sure that there is lots recorded about the family because of the peerage which is good to tap into, but how did they meet? Did Amelia retain links with her wider family? The questions are endless and I am looking forward to discovering more.


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