Thursday, 7 February 2013

Those Places Thursday - Puttenham Surrey

Puttenham Church - Copyright Julie Goucher July 2004
As a result of extensive research in the rural Surrey parish of Puttenham, the One Place Study was born.

Almost a decade ago; (where did the time go?) I placed some of the information on line. Over the course of that decade I have received a steady trickle of emails and letters from people whose ancestry lies within the parish. For a small parish and enormous amount of people have a connection to Puttenham!

To be honest, I simply became overwhelmed at the amount of correspondence I was receiving, each one requiring a more comprehensive response that had been anticipated. 

In 2003 I had acquired the domain name of which currently points to space on my website, and to about 1/8th of the material. I have exhausted the space available with such a small proportion of the data that I have currently, and of course the study is a continual work in progress.

Something had to be done.

About a year ago, I created a blog with the intention of using that platform to host the Puttenham material. I published a few bits - namely an introduction to the project and a list of material contained within the study currently. I did not advertise the site, but merely wanted some time to reflect and prepare my posts. Was I even happy with the set up?

I am very process driven and wanted to put the material on the blog in order. Now that is simply not an option, especially as the blog always records the latest post as the first item you see. Research of course is not always done in a logical order, because the researcher follows the path of information.  

Over the course of 2013 I am going to be placing the information I have on line, at the blog and then move the domain pointers to that address. The material will be placed in the order I get to it. Not scientific, but I am OK with that! I shall use the labels function as a way of identifying an individual, document, picture etc

The Puttenham (and Wanborough) One Place Study commenced in August 1986 and is a work in progress as well as an obsession!


  1. That's quite a lot of work for you but I imagine it gives you intense satisfaction. Keep up the good work.

  2. You have such an array of resources on Puttenham which will keep you very busy. As you know I have an interest in one place studies so I shall keep a periodic eye on what you're up to.


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