Wednesday, 27 February 2013

February Collage Photo Festival - Day 27

This is another photograph from around 1950. This part of a series of about 30 photographs we have all taken at   Southend Essex whilst my Grandparents visited my Grandfathers sister and her husband, my Uncle. We met Aunt and Uncle on day 18.

Mum thinks that this was the year before she contracted Polio, which I talked about yesterday.

From looking at the photographs it looks like my Grandparents went to Essex at least twice a year.

I like the way my Grandfather still has his jacket on yet has his trousers rolled up. A true fashion statement!


  1. Lovely photograph, so typical of that time, and Southend was always the holiday destination I was taken too. :0)

  2. Your mother must be about my age. It's always poignant to see a picture taken during carefree days before really trying times. This is such a free sort of picture.


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